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Author: Curtis Reynolds

Astrology moon signs? What are they?

Astrology moon signs? What are they? I know about progress suns, numerology and the basics of Astrology but I don’t have much understanding when it comes to Moon signs. Tell me are they really taken serious in Astrology? What are they all about? Example: If my Birthday is Feb 27th 1985 I would be a Pisces. My progress sun is in Aries. When I look at a moon Astrological chart it says that my moon sign is Gemini. I don’t understand how this all ties in and if it’s really relevant. Please help… Answer by Josie NonyaIt’s all bull anyways. Answer by ♪♫♥ℓunα★♫Your moon sign is normally your emotional connection to the world and such. For example, I have a Gemini sun and an Aquarius moon, and I feel like my moon sign describes me more accurately than my sun sign. There’s a quick overview on what having a Gemini moon really means. I hope this helps. 🙂 Answer by Lisawould you like to be friends on facebook What are moon signs in astrology and why are they important? I dont understand the moon signs? first of all what are they? and why are they important? and finally why does it matter what sign its in when your born? Answer by * Darksongbird *Because moon signs show your emotions, and how you feel on the inside. Moon signs...

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Horoscopes?? DO u think that people predicting horoscopes are geniune enough to believe on?? ONLY SERIOUS COMMENTS PLEASE!!! Please state a true instance that made u take such a decision!! yeah it is predicting futures through horoscopes? Thanks for letting me know!! Answer by chris_midlands_20I think horroscopes in most cases are so generalised that subconciously you try to convince yourself that something is going to happen or has happened but normally only loosly related. you will find most horroscopes are very vague, ie you will have some good news today, or there is a health issue, they never read,...

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Q&A: What do these astrology signs represent?

What do these astrology signs represent? Sun? Moon? Rising; I know the looks. Mercury? Mars? Lilith? What does all that represent? Answer by FaireMaidenSun = Ego Expression Moon = Security Needs Rising = How the Sun gets fulfilled Mercury = Mentation Mars = Gumption Lilith = Major adversity Answer by Bangie X )Your Sun Sign is like your soul, it’s who you are in your core. Your Moon is your emotions and your subconscious. Mercury is the way you think and communicate. Mars is your actions (sex drive, ambition, motivation, vitality) And Lilith is like your evil twin. I...

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How to stop receiving emails about wc horoscopes ?

How to stop receiving emails about wc horoscopes ? I dont want to receive those email anymore.. what can i do? Answer by deHi, you can mark one of those emails as a spam or you can unsubscribe to its website. Good luck! -de Answer by David Firepigmark it as spam and it’ll go to your trash or spam inbox What is horoscopes explaination to two twins acting toally different? even if they are treated the same…. Answer by Missemotion75Twins can have different sun and rising signs depending on the time of birth.It happens… Answer by antiestaSun and rising...

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Can you be against vedic horoscopes and still be hindu?

Can you be against vedic horoscopes and still be hindu? I don’t know if i can believe all the horoscopes going to sages, reading horoscopes to know if someone can get married to another person because of their star sign. So can a Hindu go agaisnt the Vedic horoscopes? Answer by Mr Awesomeall i can think about when i read this is how humans are notoriously stupid. Answer by Doubting Like ThomasAny rational person can go against any horoscopes. Answer by ssrvjHindus CAN go against Vedhic horescopes,if they have strong “Faith” in God.Still they are Hindus ONLY. Sages themselves...

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