astrology moon signs

Astrology moon signs? What are they?

I know about progress suns, numerology and the basics of Astrology but I don’t have much understanding when it comes to Moon signs. Tell me are they really taken serious in Astrology? What are they all about?

Example: If my Birthday is Feb 27th 1985 I would be a Pisces.
My progress sun is in Aries.

When I look at a moon Astrological chart it says that my moon sign is Gemini.

I don’t understand how this all ties in and if it’s really relevant.

Please help…

Answer by Josie Nonya
It’s all bull anyways.

Answer by ♪♫♥ℓunα★♫
Your moon sign is normally your emotional connection to the world and such.
For example, I have a Gemini sun and an Aquarius moon, and I feel like my moon sign describes me more accurately than my sun sign.
There’s a quick overview on what having a Gemini moon really means. I hope this helps. 🙂

Answer by Lisa
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What are moon signs in astrology and why are they important?

I dont understand the moon signs?
first of all what are they?
and why are they important?
and finally why does it matter what sign its in when your born?

Answer by * Darksongbird *
Because moon signs show your emotions, and how you feel on the inside.
Moon signs are almost just as important as your sun sign.

Answer by kascade7
the first guy was right, they can represent your emotional reactions and also your “habits”, behaviors you fall back on and what makes you feel secure.what house the moon falls in will determine how it comes to play. the moon can also represent your mom in a horoscope, or the relationship. (it’s weird, but many times the sun sign of your mom will be on the cusp of your 4th in your own chart, or even her ascendant) so just for example, my moon is in libra in the 7th. so I tend to try to rationalize (air sign) my feelings even though I am very emotional (pisces aries cusp, venus in pisces and mars in scorpio). anyways, I also secretly have a very deep need to feel loved by other people (libran trait) even though my aries ascendant wants to be independent. I also feel very sad if I am not involved with someone and I married young. The 7th rules marriage and partnership by the way. So someone like my friend who has moon in the 2nd in aquarius, she feels emotionally secure because of having money or her stuff (2nd house) and she can be very emotionally detached (aquarius) when the funds are running low. Hope I helped! ^_^

Answer by B. Bunney
Your horoscope is essentially a snapshot of the sky at the time you are born. When people refer to your sign, its really your sun sign, or which of the 12 constellations that form a 360 degree band around the earth the sun is in at the time of your birth. The sun takes about one month to move thru each sign. However, your horoscope is really comprised of all the planets and what sign they are in and their relationship to each other. Since the sun and the moon are the two most important objects in our solar system for us then too these two objects are the most important in a chart. Since the moon is closer it actually moves thru each sign much faster, about every 2 days, so it will move through all the signs during one 30 day sun sign period.

The moon sign represents your emotional make up, how you react and feel about things and how you percieve things. In a man’s horoscope it is also the type of woman he will be attracted to. So for my own moon in Aquarius, it makes me rather logical and not so emotional, I tend to think and rationalize about things. If a person has a moon in cancer or pisces they will be much more emotional and tend to “feel” things, get gut instincts about people and situations etc. The moon sign may enhance or offset certain traits of the sun sign, so a sun Sagittarius with a Scorpio moon is very different from a Sag with a Leo moon or a Sag with a virgo moon.

Vedic astrology moon signs?

Which signs are compatible with an aquarius moon in vedic astrology?

Answer by hotcheetos
vedic astrology is like the accurate western astrology so everything is the same except maybe some sign positions. so you can just ask what is compatible with Aquarius moon? and il answer libra or cancer 🙂