astrological signs

astrological signs?

can anyone give me links to a few websites explaining about the different astrological signs, the traits they have and such? please and thank you!

Answer by Valentine

Answer by wahoo
Try googling, you can find anything and everything there.

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astrological signs

Astrological Signs?

My sister is bugging me to ask this question:
What in your opinion is one of the best, astrological signs?
No, it isn’t YOUR sign, but in your opinion, the best sign, other than yours, and support your reasons why.
She says Aquarius, Pisces, Scorpio, Cancer, Leo, Capricorn and Taurus are the best, but I don’t know…
[She’s a Virgo]
And tell me what the birthdays are for that sign that you like…

Answer by True Bball Fan
Since I can’t pick my sign….. I have to say
Aries, Libra. They seem the most care-free to me, the most clean. Aries is true-blue, passionate and loves to have fun. Libra is very friendly, loves to talk and travel. But both of them have legit serious sides. I am a Scorpio btw, so there. Aries/Libra. Oh yeah, Aries is my rising. Lol

Answer by tiacola
I’m Aquarius and the best in my opinion are Leos (fun to be around and just plain funny), Sags (laid back), and Scorpios (my best friend is one). Pisces have their moments = ) My dad is one and will get on my nerves one minute and have me cracking up the next.

Answer by April
ima aries….and since i caint pick my own sign i would have 2 say leos…my good friend is one she is eal kewl 2 be around very funny like attention ( like me)
and also best friens is one she is kool 2 be around 2 she likes 2 have fun shes also laidb back so am i kinda
soo yea plus aries goes good with those signs

astrological signs

What is the significance of these two astrological signs paired together?

What is the significance of two people whose sun signs are opposite(Cancer and Capricorn), with trine moon/venus signs(moons both in Aquarius and both venus’s are in Gemini and Aquarius), with inconjunct rising signs(one in Libra and the other in Pisces)?

I wanna hear your astrological input. Thanks! ;D

How well would this couple work out?

Answer by achristos
it means you will die soon with a painful death

Answer by DK
CANCER-CAPRICORN combination (regarding Zodiac Sun Signs):

You are ideally matched, especially if you have similar family/financial background. Difference in social status could only spoil the felicity of this combination. Cancer loves the security provided by Capricorn. Cancer is flexible. Capricorn feels overly protective towards Cancer. You make a happy couple.

Answer by AnnaMarie
These two will have lots to talk about and think about together. They have a lot of intellectual energy going on here, never a dull moment. The rising signs of Libra and Pisces says to me its a good thing that they have a lot to think and talk about (all the air signs in the chart) because they have important lessons to learn from each other in this lifetime.