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Are there some astrological signs that you do not get along with ever?

I’ve noticed that throughout my life, certain people enter whom I do not get along with at all. Even if I try to, it never works out. Then I find out their birthday. I’ve come to realize that the majority of people I don’t like fall into three of the astrological signs, while my best friends end up being one of two signs! Maybe it’s a coincidence, but I’m just curious if anyone else experiences this.

Answer by empty-nester 2002
I think you’re on to something. Every Scorpio I’ve ever met could pick a fight with me over anything. My mate, my best friends, and my children, (planned that way) are all Capricorns.

Answer by Thorgrim
It’s true, I have found this to be quite accurate even though it seems to differ when it’s a female than when it’s a male whom I’m associating with. A pretty good source to find out how the other person probably sees you is which is a surprisingly good site when you click on the “Ideal mate” link. When you do it, do the reverse and see what it tells you. My problems seem to be with water signs, but only in intimate relationships and not as friends or acquaintances. Check and see if the three signs are all the same element, and if they are you may be on to something.

astrological signs

What astrological signs show strong loyalty and leadership?

Its about the Captain from the Five People you meet in Heaven. A great answer would be if you knew his astrological sign

Answer by A.I.
Your question cannot be answered and is void. It’s an oxymoron. It’s like asking which sign is the faithful slut?

Answer by Kidd
Fixed signs. Scorpio, Aquarius, Leo, and Taurus are all extremely loyal people when it comes to people and things they care about. If they’re not loyal, they don’t care. They’re also known to be great leaders, being strict and fair and charismatic.

Cardinal signs can be good leaders, too. They’re generally not as loyal, though, because they like to start then stop. Aries, for example, falls in love really quickly but then grows bored. It’s a not a bad things, but this happens until they finally find the one.

Answer by An Orca From the Pacafic Ocean
Leo would be the best leader. Also, they are very loyal.

Scorpio, Aquarius and Taurus come in second.

astrological signs

Anybody know a career that has to do with Astrological signs?

I am so fascinated with astrological signs. I would love to have a career that has to do with it and i can learn even more. I’ve heard of an astrosexologist but i can’t find anything that tells me exactly what it is or how i can get into that career. PLEASE HELP! I want to start taking classes that can help me towards that career! All information and descriptions will be much appreciated! thank you!

Answer by Mystic
Look for vocational astrology.

Answer by ۩۞۩ Twi§tεd ۩۞۩
The Astrology Career Institute provides information on how to get Astrology Certified, information on astrology careers, astrology jobs, and becoming an astrologer.


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