Are there some astrological signs that are more likely to be gay or bisexual?

astrological signs

Are there some astrological signs that are more likely to be gay or bisexual?

Also, are there any other sexual interests associated with any of the signs?

Answer by Chanteuse_ar
No it has nothing to do with astrological hokus pokus.

Answer by Sara W
I find a lot of Virgo and Libra men to be questionable about their sexuality. Especially if they are Virgos with a lot of Libra planets or Libras with a lot of Virgo planets. I know two men with this mix that are gay. I am a Pisces and I love seeing secret things, like watching people do things without me knowing. My bf is a Cancer and he thinks breasts rule. Especially big breasts with big nipples. The first time he told me that I felt weirded out. He honestly does think that women with little nipples are a turn off.

Answer by Billy
most gays i know are born in either december or january

astrological signs

Are Our Astrological Signs Not What We Think?

Someone told me recently that our astrological signs aren’t what we think they are. That they were invented a really long time ago, and since then the earth has shifted so we are actually one sign over, so instead of being a Virgo, I am truly a Leo? Is This True???

Answer by Hollywood Prod
Its all was made up before the pencil and paper and it still makes money selling followers stories about their future so NO its not what you think other then a money making business.

Answer by Alex
I don’t think so, Because I don’t resemble anything of Gemini traits. Plus Im a cancer, Even my birth chart corrosponds to my life very well.

Answer by Sara
I’ve heard this theory before, and by the way, it goes the other way: if you’re Virgo now, you’d be Libra.
The reason this doesn’t work is in the actual nature of Astrology. It is a timing mechanism and has nothing whatsoever to do with the constellations. Early man used the constellations and planets as guideposts to time. It wasn’t as if they had magnetism or anything.
I always laugh when skeptics think they have found something and proudly announce that heavenly bodies can’t influence us because they are light years away. Guess what, Astrologers already know this.
If there had been any other handy way of figuring time, we wouldn’t even be mentioning planets and constellations. So we go on talking about “Pluto’s influence” because that is the special language of Astrology.
So the answer to your question is no, it doesn’t matter if through the centuries changes occur in the axis of the Earth. The old Astrological language is still valid.

astrological signs

What astrological signs are Barbara and Oliver Rose in the “War of the Roses”?

Perhaps they mentioned their birthdays in the movie or perhaps an educated guess. I would love to know what their signs were to stay out of that situation.

Answer by Big Mommas Panties

In real life Barbara (actress Kathleen Turner) is on a gemini/cancer cusp.
Oliver (actor Michael Douglas) is a libra.




  1. A ♥ L says

    No you can’t really say like mostly Gemini’s or Scorpio’s are bi or gay that is something what is in you a feeling you know what i mean?
    I’m bi or bi curious Leo like a Capricorn woman.

  2. Nep says

    There have not been enough studies yet to say one way or the other, but I would guess aspects between certain planets more than sign placements would have impact.

    For example Uranus Venus aspects, Mars Uranus Aspects, Plus the Asteroid Sappho. Look up the greek Archetype for deeper understanding of this last Astral body.

  3. * Darksongbird * says

    I hear Libra males are more likely to swing the other way or enjoy both.

    Not sure how true it is though. I do know a gay Libra though.

  4. Mila says

    I think it’s way beyond astrological signs and it’s just with people but just from experience and in general I’d think Geminis would easily swing to the other side just because we’re so open minded and intrigued by anything,
    I could see a straight gemini guy I know if he met another guy that really caught his interest would swing over for that night just for the fun of it, and new experience but i could see other signs having a strict line of “girls only”, and wouldn’t think twice about it even if they kind of felt themselves attracted to another guy.

    we love questing on adventures and the unknown, the new and interesting so i say Geminis.

    Otherwise, I think people are just born either way regardless of signs

  5. Kaylan W says

    I would not say Libra’s are typically gay.
    My Libra man is far from gay. He dislikes gays. But, I know that Libras can enjoy the finer things, that doesn’t mean they’re gay.

    On the other hand, I know a Pisces that is gay. He’s my uncle. Anyway, I know another Pisces that is questionable. He won’t come out with it, but we know he’s gay.
    I’d go with Pisces.

  6. Me says

    Well, I’m a Leo with Venus in Gemini – and I’m bisexual. I think your Venus sign is a better indicator of sexual interests than your sun sign.

    However, I think Gemini, Sagittarius and Aquarius are the most sexually open-minded signs. They have a more inquisitive approach to sex. That doesn’t make them gay or even bisexual, but they’re just more open to experimenting (so to speak)…

  7. Aquarian 16 says

    I’m Gay
    I’m an Aquarius
    I think Air Signs would be most likely Sexually open minded or gay or bi or even bi curious.
    Maybe Venus in an Air Sign..

  8. Mista R says

    Pisces women and Cancer males tend to be more sexually experimental with same sex relationships. Scorpio male and females. Water signs are very sensual so that is why they have more gays then any other sign.

  9. Kae says

    It’s called Sidereal Astrology, but I don’t believe it. There is no way in hell I could be either a Taurus or a Cancer, lol.

  10. Been There says

    Yes … and no. You are talking about the difference between the Sidereal and Tropical zodiacs.

    At around 200 AD, the Sun was at 0-degrees of Aries at the time of the Spring Equinox. But the earth is tilted on its axis and that axis slowly spins … take a top and spin it and as it spins merrily around and around, the handle on top of it will slowly move in a circle. The circling of the earth’s axis is like this, too, except that it takes roughly 26,000 years to circle around once. You can see a nice little animated example of this at:

    At any rate, because of this wobble, our position relative to the zodiac slowly changes over centuries. Over the course of 26,000 years, the point of the Spring Equinox will move backwards through all the signs of the zodiac until it ends back at 0-Aries, at which point it starts another cycle. This movement is called the Precession of the Equinoxes. Currently the Spring Equinox is in early Pisces, and will, within the century, be entering into Aquarius (hence the phrase, “the dawning of the Age of Aquarius”). This system of locating the zodiac is called the Sidereal Zodiac.

    Conventional astrology, however, has kept the convention of artifically tieing 0-Aries to the Spring Equinox. But the precession has changed what we actually see when we look at the Sun’s position at the time of the Spring Equinox … now it is early Pisces that we see, but we CALL that position 0-Aries. So yes, if you looked at the stars behind the sun on your birthday (and you could see them through all that sunlight) you would see not Virgo, but Leo. This system of locating the zodiac is called the Tropical Zodiac.

    Despite that, almost all astrologers work exclusively in the Tropical Zodiac, and would consider you a Virgo rather than a Leo. For some reason, the Tropical Zodiac seems to work, while the sidereal zodiac doesn’t seem to (sorry for stepping on the toes of those of you who do use the Sidereal zodiac). This, at least, is the consensus of most astrologers.

  11. astrospy says

    The sidereal zodiac is different from the tropical zodiac. It’s explained in the source below. Which is right? Who knows? Does it matter? For me, the natal aspects are the most useful part of astrology and they have nothing to do with the constellations. But I vote for tropical.

  12. chainlightning⅜ says

    Depend if you are referring to astrology or astronomy.

    For the fortune telling Zodiac, “western” astrology used the location of the constellations as they were over two thousand years ago. See the link. In reality, constellations are of different sizes. Since the sky is in constant motion they have moved to their present location. If you are an astronomer, this is what counts. They need to locate objects in space and the 88 constellations are reference points.

    Also it is the reason we have a star at the North Pole currently. Two thousand years ago, there was none and in the future it will not be there.

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