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Are there some astrological signs that are more likely to be gay or bisexual?

Also, are there any other sexual interests associated with any of the signs?

Answer by Chanteuse_ar
No it has nothing to do with astrological hokus pokus.

Answer by Sara W
I find a lot of Virgo and Libra men to be questionable about their sexuality. Especially if they are Virgos with a lot of Libra planets or Libras with a lot of Virgo planets. I know two men with this mix that are gay. I am a Pisces and I love seeing secret things, like watching people do things without me knowing. My bf is a Cancer and he thinks breasts rule. Especially big breasts with big nipples. The first time he told me that I felt weirded out. He honestly does think that women with little nipples are a turn off.

Answer by Billy
most gays i know are born in either december or january

astrological signs

Are Our Astrological Signs Not What We Think?

Someone told me recently that our astrological signs aren’t what we think they are. That they were invented a really long time ago, and since then the earth has shifted so we are actually one sign over, so instead of being a Virgo, I am truly a Leo? Is This True???

Answer by Hollywood Prod
Its all was made up before the pencil and paper and it still makes money selling followers stories about their future so NO its not what you think other then a money making business.

Answer by Alex
I don’t think so, Because I don’t resemble anything of Gemini traits. Plus Im a cancer, Even my birth chart corrosponds to my life very well.

Answer by Sara
I’ve heard this theory before, and by the way, it goes the other way: if you’re Virgo now, you’d be Libra.
The reason this doesn’t work is in the actual nature of Astrology. It is a timing mechanism and has nothing whatsoever to do with the constellations. Early man used the constellations and planets as guideposts to time. It wasn’t as if they had magnetism or anything.
I always laugh when skeptics think they have found something and proudly announce that heavenly bodies can’t influence us because they are light years away. Guess what, Astrologers already know this.
If there had been any other handy way of figuring time, we wouldn’t even be mentioning planets and constellations. So we go on talking about “Pluto’s influence” because that is the special language of Astrology.
So the answer to your question is no, it doesn’t matter if through the centuries changes occur in the axis of the Earth. The old Astrological language is still valid.

astrological signs

What astrological signs are Barbara and Oliver Rose in the “War of the Roses”?

Perhaps they mentioned their birthdays in the movie or perhaps an educated guess. I would love to know what their signs were to stay out of that situation.

Answer by Big Mommas Panties

In real life Barbara (actress Kathleen Turner) is on a gemini/cancer cusp.
Oliver (actor Michael Douglas) is a libra.