Are there any personalized horoscopes that take in account your entire chart?

Like all your aspects and stuff, and then predict the future for u

Answer by Been There

But you can learn to do it for yourself.

Answer by Love to Bang
They have to take everything in account if it has to make sense. You need a professional astrologer and pay them probably.


Horoscopes, how often do you ever try to picture or visualize HOW to heal something?

Describe how or how often you might do this?..
What planets or aspects do you think are inclined for it

Answer by Hoots of Wisdom
actually, have you ever heard of chakras and auras? I took a lesson on how to heal through visualizing a person’s aura. I have tried it and it seemed to work. You really have to be in tune to auras and chakras though to get the most out of it. I think it takes a healer to do it correctly. I beleive that I do have healing power so maybe that explains why chakra comprehension comes so easy to me.

check this out and read it, then click “guided visualization” http://www.reiki-for-holistic-health.com/chakra-balancing-healing.html

you visualize a certain chakra and color then do a ritual.

I do not do the healing often because I feel things are supposed to happen for a reason.

Answer by ISIS
All the time. I think the placements or aspects would be set in positions that give people an open mind and interest in this sort of stuff. It’s not for logical folks that have everything “figured” out!

I use energy more than anything to heal. I try to draw from healing sources and visualize them. I meditate and do rituals.

Scorpio Leo Gemini

Answer by since you asked
I don’t really picture “how” per se, it’s smarter for me to not try to control a situation like that. if i see something that i feel needs healing, then i’ll send loving energy in that direction and trust that the universe will do what it sees best with that, if anything at all. neptune is the dreamer and chiron the healer, so maybe they’ve got something to do with it. aquarius is the visionary and philanthropist, so maybe there’s an aqua/uranus element there as well, but to be honest i really don’t know. personally, i just do what i do and hope that it helps in some small way. it’s better than not trying to do anything at all.


What do the degrees in horoscopes tell you about?

My star/sun sign is Cancer 00 degrees.
What is the degree bit for?

Also, what the difference between a sun sign, rising sign and a moon sign? Which one is the most dominant one – The most accurate about your personality? I didn’t know the other two existed :$ Lol. Is there any other signs I should know about?

Thank you 🙂

Answer by Sofa King Good
you cant get a degree in horoscopes, try a proper science

Answer by Amethyst33
You remind me of myself about 30 years ago. Astrology is a vast subject to study and you will need to learn a little at a time, It was slow-going for me, but now I am proud that I worked so hard as it did not come easy to me. The things we work the hardest on often bring us the greatest rewards. So don’t quit studying as that is the only way you can fail.

The zodiac wheel is made up of 360 degrees total. There are 12 houses, each representing an area of life, and each house has 30 degrees, one for each of the 12 signs. Each sign has 30 degrees in it. So your sun sign is in the first degree of Cancer 0 degree. Cancer degrees, like every sign, begin at 0 degrees and go through the 29th degree and then the next sign (in your case) would be 0 degrees Leo.

So the Zodiac is comprised of 12 signs each having 30 degrees. 12 X 30 = 360 degrees (which is a circle) We need degrees so that we can find aspects between two planets and there are easy and hard aspects. The trine is two planets 120 degrees apart, This is an “easy” aspect. A square is a 90 degree aspect between two planets, which is a “hard” aspect. We need the degrees for us to be able to calculate the aspects which tell us how our planets are connected.

Your sun sign is your nature, how you are an as individual on this planet. It is your ego.
The moon is all about your emotions. It also rules the home and family and the mother.
The rising sign (your 1st house) is your personality, your physical appearance, and the “first impression” that you make upon others when meeting them for the first time.

Every planet has a different meaning. but these three are usually the “Big Three” and is a good place to begin your study of astrology. Plus you can ask answers when you don’t understand something. Hope this is helpful and good luck and bless you too.

Answer by Been There
Degrees matter, because you use degrees to find the “aspects”.

For instance, any planet between 22 degrees of Gemini and 8 degrees of Cancer will be conjunct your Sun. Any planet between 22 degrees of Virgo and 8 degrees of Libra will be square to your Sun.

Planets represent different parts of your personality, and any aspects that are formed between any two planets shows that these two parts either work together harmoniously or conflict and are create inner stress.

Sun represents how you need to be if you are going to feel whole and complete … Sun in Cancer needs to feel they “belong” to a group of people, a family of some sort, and they need to nurture and be nurtured.
Moon indicates your emotional nature, and what you need to feel emotionally safe in life.
The Rising sign is not part of your personality … it is your public “mask”, what you show to people you do not now well.

You are also have Mercury, Venus, Mars, Jupiter, Saturn, Uranus, Neptune, and Pluto in your chart … each of them indicating different parts of your personality, different needs.

None of these are more dominant than the other. What makes a “planet” (the 8 planets plus the Sun and Moon) dominant is when a planet is:
1. Angular (within 8 degrees of the 4 angles of the chart)
2. The most-aspected planet in the chart
3. The focal planet of a T-Square, if there is one in your chart.

Go to alabe.com and get your free birth chart done .. you will need to know your birthtime.