Are Christians allowed to read Horoscopes and practice numerology?

For instance, are they allowed to believe in things like Master numbers and Saturn Return?

Answer by Bubbles™
No, True Christians are to keep well away from such things!

The scripture @ Deuteronomy 18:10-11, reads There should not be found in you anyone who makes his son or his daughter pass through the fire, anyone who employs divination, a practicer of magic or anyone who looks for omens or a sorcerer, 11 or one who binds others with a spell or anyone who consults a spirit medium or a professional foreteller of events or anyone who inquires of the dead

Answer by LetItB
The power belongs to God. So anything that promotes other gods or gives the power to something else is not God centred.

I would never play with Horoscopes. There are meanings in numbers but the numbers them selves hold no power. The truth of God is written in the stars, but not the way a horoscope would tell you.

Answer by hasse_john
Scripture condemns it, but ‘christianity’ is a lawless religion that does not follow the rules (Torah) of YAHUSHUA the Savior.


What horoscopes sign is the most negative pessimist?

does anyone know any personality traits that are negative about horoscope signs like which one are more alcoholics and which ones cheat more or party dance swear or dirty or lazy anyone ????what signs lean more towards the darkside n which ones to the good light side

Answer by Tabitha s
I am very pessimistic and I am a Capricorn.
Sagittarius has a very hard time with commitment.
That’s all I can think of.

Answer by Hip Hop Rent-a-Cop is a Rock God
I think the most pessimistic is Virgo.

Scorpios tend to go to extremes, they either live a really good life or a really bad one; so i think the whole “dance, swear, drink, dirty” thing would go to Scorpio.

Answer by Megan
Scorpio…. or Virgo?


Are horoscopes real? And how do they manage to come up with daily summaries for each sign?

I’m really curious all of a sudden when my horoscope this week reflected exactly on my life and things related to it. Is it just a coincidence?

Answer by loki
horoscopes are bullshit

any questions?

Answer by Elana
I tried an experiment a few years ago. I had this friend trying to persuade me that I should call for a reading. She gave me the phone number of her reader.

I called, but I gave completely bogus information about my birth date, etc. I recorded the result and sent it to my friend.

She waxed rhapsodic about how accurate it was, pointing out things that she thought agreed with my personality and my history.

Then, when I told her that I had given a bogus birthdate etc, she told me I wasn’t playing fair.

So … she was completely willing to accept the accuracy of a reading that was (at least theoretically) based on nothing. In truth, it was based on the person talking to me and had nothing to do with what planet was in what zodiac symbol and where the Sun was. It had far more to do with the reader’s ability to read between the lines when talking to me. An intuitive reader with bogus information will presumably do better than a non intuitive reader with correct information.

What does that tell you about the information?

Of course, to do a true apples-and-apples test, I would need to be able to give the same reader incorrect data and correct data and be able to compare her results – but if she remembers me, that won’t work.

I will admit, my little test wasn’t particularly statistically valid (not enough samples), but there has been a ton of statistical work on this subject, and NOBODY has found any repeatable correlation between these various astronomical phenomenon and anything else. There is some correlation between when you were born in the year and your personalities having to do with how old you were when you entered the school system … but that has NOTHING to do with where the stars were.

If you want to read your horoscope and think its fun – go for it. However, it is just as accurate as flipping lots of coins. If you learn anything about yourself, it has more to do with your ability to analyze yourself than where the planets are.

Answer by ChainLightninG⅜
Which one out of the thousands that are online and in print is the real one? Certainly no two are the same.

Hear is how one person did this:

The American conjuror James Randi recounts in his book Flim Flam how as a young man he briefly got the astrology job on a Montreal newspaper, making up the horoscopes under the name Zo-ran. His method was to cut out the forecasts from old astrology magazines, shuffle them in a hat, distribute them at random among the 12 zodiacal signs and print the results. This was very successful of course (because all astrology works on the “Barnum principle” of saying things so vague and general that all readers think it applies to them.) He describes how he overheard in a cafe a pair of office workers eagerly scanning Zo-ran’s column in the paper. “They squealed with delight on seeing their future so well laid out, and in response to my query said that Zo-ran had been ‘right smack on’ last week. I did not identify myself as Zo-ran… Reaction in the mail to the column had been quite interesting, too, and sufficient for me to decide that many people will accept and rationalise almost any pronouncement made by someone they believe to be an authority with mystic powers. At this point, Zo-ran hung up his scissors, put away the paste pot, and went out of business.”