Anyone know where to get free daily horoscopes emailed to you?

I want to get my daily horoscope emailed to me(for free please) but i cant find a website or anything! Help?

Answer by james g
AStrology.com and they also do free tarot card readings!! supercool website!!!!

Answer by <3JaMiE<3
try searching in google keen horoscope
its a good one and they send it to you like all the time XD

Answer by banana lala
1 im mrs trace cyrus
and u can get it on yahoo duhh


Do people actually base their assumptions on Horoscopes?

I laugh my ass off everytime some user asks, “Why are (Some insignificant sign of the Horoscope that barely has any involvement what so ever.) so (Some adjective.)?”

Seriously, I don’t think some predicting system determines whether or not somebody is this way or that. Why do people limit themselves to the possibilities? This must be the biggest scam I’ve ever seen.

Answer by Duke
The biggest Turn Off on a Date is when a Girl asks what my sign is.

I know it is a lost cause and I move on immediately.

Yes, some rubes let the horoscope page run their lives

Answer by Galexies
Yes we do unfortunately. lol Until we take our glasses off and see people for what they truly are.

Astrology shouldn’t be used if we’re still immature, you’re right.


Are there seriously people who really believe in horoscopes?

i dont understand how you could possibly believe in that bs. like how dumb can you be? its as silly a concept as religion!

does anyone else feel this way? or feel similarly? or able to justify why they belive in horoscopes?
like questions like ‘can a scorpio beat a leo in a fight’/’can they have sex together’ and dumb stuff like that. like how are they releavant at all1?

Answer by my own pavement
Clearly you know.

Answer by Dalhkjged Rehshsfdfds
Well… people do believe in religions. Religions can work! It’s a lot kind-er if you respect people’s opinions. If it’s a part of their religion you have no right to criticize people.

Answer by Elena
are there seriously people who really feel the need to create 19 Y/A accounts?